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Influenza Prevention with Fluquadri Vaccine

Sangati News, April 13, 2020

The fluquadri vaccine also known as the quadrivalent vaccinne of the best prevention and protection against flu in the transition seasons. This time, the Sangati team did vaccine activities to prevent the disease and convicing the body stay healthy for the concern of employee, so their can returns to work well.


Taxpayers Appreciation

Sangati News, March 12, 2020

Thank you to the Stakeholders of the Sangati Soerya Sejahtera family. We arrived at this point, because everyone gave opportunities to grow and contribute, giving the best for Sumbawa, Clients, government managers and making Sangati employees and families. God be with and bless us all always, hopefully we are trustworthy to give the best contribution to anywhere, where we are active and striving. #MajulahSumbawa #MajulahTimika #MajulahSibolga #MajulahJambi #MajulahBanyuwangi #SelaluSehatiUntukMaju


Tax Gathering KPP Pratama Timika

Sangati News, February 25, 2020

The Timika KPP Pratama Tax Gathering was held on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 at the Ballroom of the Horison Ultima Timika Hotel. And in the activity that carries the theme "Taxes of love for the country" was attended by Mimika Deputy Regent Johannes Rettob and the WP body and individuals in the Mimika Regency. On that occasion, the Head of the Timika KPP, Tirta Bastoni said, the event did not only gather between taxpayers and tax administrators, in this case the Timika KPP but also included stakeholders, especially the Mimika Regency Government.
There are also representatives of BUMN and other state apparatuses whose aim is to improve communication and establish good cooperation and understanding, so that everyone understands what is required as WP. From PT Sangati Soerya Sejahtera Timika was represented by Mr. Jino, Mr. Rulands Kalangie, and Ms. Chia.
Meanwhile, Mimika Deputy Regent Johanes Rettob in his remarks expressed his appreciation to all taxpayers who had paid their taxes well. "Motivation like this should be given in the form of appreciation or appreciation because we have used the taxation system well," he said. Vice Rettob revealed that Mimika Regency Government appreciated and will continue to strive to continue to contribute which is the responsibility of the Mimika Regency Government. "Hopefully the awareness and compliance of taxpayers in Mimika Regency to report and pay their taxes goes well, in order to improve the development and welfare of the Mimika community," he hoped.


Mimika Regional Government and the Company Commemorate the Joint BK3N

Sangati News, February 12, 2020

For the first time the Mimika Regency Government commemorates the National Occupational Safety and Health Month (BK3N). The 50th anniversary of BK3N was centered at the Mimika Regency Government Headquarters on Wednesday (12/2) by holding a joint rally with ASN and representatives of a number of companies in Mimika.
The BK3N commemoration was led by Mimika Deputy Regent Johannes Rettob. Also present were Secretary of Regional Secretary Marthen Paiding, assistants and expert staff, leadership of the OPD and all Mimika Regional Government employees as well as representatives of companies and vertical agencies. The theme of this year BK3N is ‘Optimization of the independence of the Civil Society Occupational Safety and Health in the Era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 based on Information Technology’.
The readiness of the Indonesian workforce in facing the era of digitalization is one of the challenges in the application of OSH in the Era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 based on Information Technology. In this event, Sangati was involved in the composition of the event Committee and signed the K3 commitment along with 46 other large companies such as PT Freeport Indonesia, SOS International, PT Pontil Indonesia Drilling Contractor, PT Petrosea, PT Eksplorasi Nusa Jaya and other agencies.


Collaboration of PT Sangati Soerya Sejahtera with PT Jagad Sanitasi Indonesia In Fulfilling HSE Workforce

Sangati News, October 14, 2019

In accordance with PT Sangati Soerya Sejahtera vision and mission of providing workers who are ready to work with high quality standards through extensive work experience that is complemented by work training, PT Sangati Soerya Sejahtera establishes cooperation with PT Jagad Sanitasi Indonesia to fulfill HSE workforce for existing projects in Central Java.
PT Jagad Sanitasi Indonesia on Monday, October 14, 2019 visited the headquarters of PT Sangati Soerya Sejahtera held a Cooperation Meeting. In this meeting, an agreed workforce was agreed to in accordance with client criteria.
With the increase in clients and employees, it proves that PT Sangati Soerya Sejahtera has a high commitment to continue to contribute in terms of professional workforce fulfillment.


Signature of Employee Employment Contract of PT MHE Demag Technology Indonesia

Sangati News, October 04, 2019

PT Sangati Soerya Sejahtera continues to develop its wings in terms of professional workforce recruitment, this time PT Sangati is working with PT MHE Demag Technology Indonesia in fulfilling its workforce, specifically for Excavator Operators.
Today, Friday 4 October 2019 is located in the project where PT Demag operates, in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, PT Sangati, represented by Mr. Egon, meet with PT Demags prospective employees to sign a work contract (PKWT).
Hopefully with this increase in client, PT Sangati Soerya Sejahtera will continue to provide good impact and contribution in terms of professional workforce fulfillment.


A face-to-face event with the Mimika Regent

Sangati News, September 30, 2019

In the Regional Leaders Communication Forum (Forkopimda) which was held on Monday 30 September at the Tongkonan Toraja Multipurpose Building, Samratulangi Timika street. On this occasion the Regional Government Official, namely the Regent, was represented by the Regional Secretary of the Regency. Mimika (Secretary of Mimika) Mr. Marten Paiding, Mimika Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Marlianto, Dandim Mimika Letkol Inf. Pio L Nainggolan, Lieutenant Colonel Inf Charles, and within the scope of the company also present the vice president of PT. Freeport Indonesia and officials in the Mimika district government environment as well as severe community leaders. PT Sangati Soerya Sejahtera was represented by Mrs. Chia and Mr. Ronald Yapen. On this occasion in connection with the rise of student issues that spread hoax info in Semarang, Surabaya, which circulated a negative impact on the community, especially in the area of Papua and also recently a video circulating in Mimika regency about one of the stalls selling merchandise containing poison turned out to be just a hoax, so the Mimika Regency Government, TNI, Polri, along with the Community Awareness Forum as the organizer, carried out the theme of "Synergy Maintaining Kamtibmas, escorting the government to build Mimika" in a Forum Face to face Forkopimda with religious leaders, the community, the military, the Indonesian National Police. The activity was then opened with a Message from the District Secretary. Mimika Mr. Marthen Paiding at the same time appealed to continue to maintain and maintain security in order to create solid unity as the slogan that Mimika community has held firmly is Eme Neme Yauware which means United Brothers Building. The core of the activity is to jointly commit and express attitudes in 5 ways, namely: 1. Upholding Pancasila and The 1945 Constitution, NKRI and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika 2. Together maintaining and maintaining the unity and integrity and integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia 3. Synergize and play an active role in maintaining Kamtibmas, as well as complying with applicable laws and regulations. 4. Living side by side in harmony and peace, loving each other with tolerance & brotherhood amid diversity. 5. Support the implementation of government programs in realizing development in all fields for the welfare of the whole community of Mimika Regency.


PT Sangati Soerya Sejahtera Timika Received the Best Question Award from the Regional Employment BPJS of BANUSPA at the Company Compliance Talkshow on Labor Norms Cadre (KNK)

Sangati News, September 25, 2019

Thank you to Ms. Sischa Ayomi, Mr. Hendry Putra and Ms. Enggar who represented the Team of PT. Sangati Soerya Sejahtera Timika in the "Talkshow Company Compliance Talks for Cadres of Labor Norms (KNK) and the signing of cooperation agreements between BPJS Employment of the Banuspa region (Bali, Nusa Tenggara and Papua) with the Labor Norm Cadres (KNK) of Papua Province. The event was opened by Mr. I Nyoman Putu Arka, Assistant III for Administration and General Affairs of Mimika and attended by Plt. Ministry of Manpower and K3 Director General of the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Manpower, Mr. Iswandi Hari, Deputy Director of BPJS Manpower at the Regional Office of Bali, Nusa Tenggara & Papua, Mr. Yamin Pahlevi, and PT Freeport Indonesia HR & Security Director, Mr. Achmad Didi Ardianto and Ms. Novita Napitupulu took place at the Ultima Timika Horison Hotel, On Wednesday, September 25, 2019, Ms. Sischa managed to get the best question award, and represented the Company in submitting the certificate of participation.
Congratulations to the Sangati Timika team ... always be the best ... good luck to all of us .


Sangati Visit to PERHUMAS

Sangati News, September 13, 2019

For more than two decades, PT Sangati Soerya Sejahtera has specialized in developing and administering workforces to meet client needs on large scale mining and infrastructure project. At present, PT Sangati Soerya Sejahtera has over 2200 Indonesian Professional and skilled trades personnel assigned to projects in Sumbawa, Papua, Java, Medan.
Along with the increasing number of professional workforce requests from clients, PT Sangati Soerya Sejahtera cooperates with PERHUMAS Public Relations Association of Indonesia), a professional organization working in the field of Public Relations. PT Sangati Soerya Sejahtera had opportunity to visit The PERHUMAS Secretariat Office in Graha Arda, Kuningan, South Jakarta.
During this visit, PT Sangati Soerya Sejahtera represented by Mr. Egon Woruntu and Mr. Yanto Goutama were warmly welcomed by colleagues at PERHUMAS represented by Ms. Anggia Bahana Putri. PERHUMAS welcomes us well and is ready to corporate with us in the search for Public Relations candidates, as well as sharing information about job vacancies.


Agincourt Prepares US$ 25 Million

Sangati News, 21 Agustus, 2019

Mining company PT Agincourt Resources has budgeted US $ 25 million for exploration activities this year in order to obtain new reserves that can be extended for the life of the managed mine. PT Agincourt Resources will maintain its gold production in the range of 400,000 ounces this year in accordance with the level of ore mining. The target is slightly below the realization of production and sales last year which reached 412,000 ounces.

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