Sangati Shared Services

Specializes in the provision, management and development of workforces for the Indonesian mining, oil & gas, manufacture, engineering, construction and infrastructure sectors.

We have more than one decade of experience providing and managing complete workforces or selected work groups to meet the short and long term employment requirements of Indonesian and International clients on projects and operations throughout Indonesia.


The number and type of workers can be coordinated to match the operational peaks and throughs of a clients business cycle or project schedule.

  Client Control

PT Sangati Soerya Sejahtera employees work side by side with a clients permanent employees and are fully under the clients direction and management.

  Guaranteed Competency

PT Sangati Soerya Sejahtera fully stands behind and guarantees the performance and conduct of our workers. If at any time a client is dissatisfied with a Sangati worker or finds cause for termination, Sangati will take prompt action including implementing the clients option of immediate dismissal.

  Red Tape Reduction

Since the workers are on Sangati payroll, Sangati obtains all necessary permits and documentation thus reducing a clients red tape and paper work, in addition, Sangati handles most administration and statutory.

  Competitive Rates

PT Sangati Soerya Sejahtera rates are extremely competitive, often lower than the overall cost to a client for recruiting and maintaining a permanent employee.

  Vision & Mission

Providing ready to work personnel at a high standard of quality through extensive work experience supplemented by on and off the job training.

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